Home Remedies For Kidney Stones

What are kidney stones and what kind of home remedies for kidney stones are out there to give you relief?

Kindey stones are formed from too much of a substance in your urine that the kidneys can’t get rid of. These substances can be calcium, uric acid and/or phosphorus. They build up in the kidneys when the concentration is too high and they do not get flushed out of the kidneys due to lack of fluid in the body. When then urine cannot dissolve the entire concentration of any of the substances then stones can form in the kidneys.

There you have the single most effective way to prevent kidney stones in the first place. Stay hydrated so your system stays clean and fresh. We aren’t talking about prevention though are we? We are talking about how to treat kidney stones naturally at home.

If the stones get too big then you will have to go see your doctor for treatment and possibly surgery to remove them or to get them blasted apart by a laser. The shattered stones are then passed without difficulty through regular urination.

With extensive research into this subject I found a couple of different home remedies for kidney stones that may be worth trying. One thing I should mention, if your stones have already caused you severe pain and to have blood in your urine do not hesitate to get to your doctor for immediate treatment.

The first way I found to treat kidney stones is to simmer a pound of kidney beans in a gallon of water for about six hours then drain the liquid into a separate bowl. Let the liquid cool for another eight hours then strain the liquid through a cheese cloth. After this is done drink one cup of the liquid every two hours throughout that day only.

Mix one teaspoon basil juice with one teaspoon honey and take this mixture everyday for up to six months. Sounds a little extreme but hey sometimes you have to do whatever it takes to be pain-free.

Another interesting home remedy is a tea that is made from whole celery seeds. First crush one tablespoon of the celery seeds then pour boiling water over them and let them steep for 5 minutes. strain the liquid through a cheese cloth and let it cool enough to drink. Do this everyday to relieve the discomfort of the kidney stones. Celery seed is a uterine stimulant so if you are pregnant do not use this method, talk to your doctor first.

Home Remedies For Kidney Stones

Remember the saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”? Well, an apple a day may also keep the kidney stones away. I do not think it matters what kind of apple just so you eat one everyday. If you have kidney stones the apple will give you some relief and if you don’t have kidney stones the apple is one of several good home remedies for kidney stones you can try.

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